Review – Predators (Movie)

18 July, 2010

We went to see the new Predators movie today.  Solid adventure movie, not quite as good as the original Predator but very close (though also a slightly different style of movie).  There seem to be a lot of stylistic echoes of the first movie, so if you have a copy it may be worth rewatching before you see this.  It is well scripted and well acted, the special effects are solid but nothing exceptional.  Worth seeing if you like action adventure with a dash of science fiction.  Also makes a good framework for a one-shot or short session adventure.

More comments and questions with spoilers further down






It really is a basic scenario structure perfectly suited for most RPGs, group of professional killers kidnapped and placed in a hunting preserve where they must overcome their distrust of each other and kill the hunters to survive.  Works in just about all genres (for a similar situation except with people who think they have been invited to a different sort of event, look at the Avengers -the British series- episode The Superlative Seven).

You would have thought the Predators would have given their ‘prey’ food and water so they would have been at the top of their game.  Not much sport in hunting half starved, dehydrated prey or so I would have thought.

The horned pack hunters, what happened to them after they were recalled?  Did the Predators bring them with them, which makes the most sense, or airdrop them?  If they did not airdrop them, what were in all of the other cages and what happened to them?

The humanoid alien with its own colony of parasitic/symbiotic cockroaches, weird and visually striking, but would have liked to have known more about it.  Sure did not seem dangerous enough to make it worthwhile to hunt.

What happened to the Predator weapon carried by Noland?

Still, for all these concerns, a fun movie.

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