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Tuesday Magic Item – Rider’s Armor

13 July, 2010

The riding skills of the Black Knights of Norzam, or the Ebon Lobsters as they were known by the local villagers,  were never in doubt while their combat skills remained untested in battle.

Rider’s Armor

This fine, close fitting armor is designed specifically for cavalrymen.  The legs of the armor are especially well protected.  These armors are often decorated, displaying the wealth of the owner.

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L5R JYTB Campaign Report 15

13 July, 2010


With the successful completion of their mission to the far north of the Empire, our heroes were distressed to find that Otomo Takama was not ready to release them from his service (for fear of further attacks on his life).  For the next three months, they serve as his yojimbo (bodyguards) as he travels the Phoenix lands.  A summer moves towards its peak, Otomo Takama and his entourage arrive at Pale Oak Castle.

It is the night of the new moon that they arrive upon and that night, all in the castle awake from nightmares with a terrible sense of foreboding.  Read the rest of this entry ?

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