Mariassa Sorrow – Satrap of the Gate City of Caracossa, Sorceress and Mistress of Golems

12 July, 2010

Mariassa Sorrow, Satrap of the Gate City of Caracossa, Sorceress and Mistress of Golems

Quote: Order is demanded and it will be kept, I do not tolerate lawlessness in my city.
Magic is the key to all things worth having in this world.

Description: Mariassa Sorrow is slender and athletic, tallish (6’1″/1.85m) though her proportions seem subtly off.  Her black hair has golden highlights and is usually worn in a long braid, her eyes are a disturbing golden amber with diamond shaped pupils.  Her nails are bone white and often painted with mystical symbols in gold.

Mariassa tends to loose and comfortable clothes accented by a small amount of jewelry.  On her belt, she usually has access to three or four wands and a dagger, just in case.  The only item she always wears is her signet ring.

Found in CaracosaBackground: The story of Mariassa Sorrow is one that shows how far an ambitious person can go in service to the Draconic Imperium.  Plucked out of an orphanage at the age of five, she was assigned to a boarding school and educated to serve in the Imperial bureaucracy.  Her sorcerous powers manifested when she was thirteen, attacked by some of the older boys, she instinctively lashed out leaving her attackers scarred.  Her magical talents moved her to a different, more advance school, one for those with special talents, here under the eyes of those seeking the best, she excelled.  At the age of sixteen, she was serving as an assistant, at eighteen, she was assigned her first field mission.  Her quick thinking and ruthlessness moved her quickly upward in the ranks.  At the age of thirty, after a particularly dangerous mission, she was rewarded by adoption into the Imperial Household and made a dani (the least of dragon blooded).

As a member of the Imperial Household, she moved more into command, directing other agents and organizing operations.  What little spare time she had, she devoted to research, perfecting the formula for the creation of the leather men who would become a major component in her personal forces.  The successful identification and elimination of a major Redemptionist plot gained her a promotion to dracovi (middle dragon blooded) and considerable freedom of action.  She turned this freedom towards seeking a place for herself, finding that the satrap of Caracossa was slightly corrupt, she fed his appetites and then exposed him.  In return, she was granted the post of Satrap of that city and ascended to the status of a half-dragon.

Mariassa rules the city with a ruthless efficiency, using it as the center of her intelligence gathering network.  She seeks for something that will allow her to earn that final reward of full ascension to draconic status.

Presenting this Character: Mariassa appears distant and unconcerned, conveying the sense that everything is under control.  She is usually very languid and careful in her movements, some might assume that she is drugged, but it is simply a ruse, a way to make those who meet her underestimate her and put them off her guard.  Her hospitality is considerable, playing up the image of decadence she likes to present to her guests.  Behind the mask, she will be observing and looking for weaknesses.

To those that know her, she has a wicked sense of humor and a razor sharp mind and is not afraid of displaying either.  Mariassa is deeply ambitious but far too careful to do anything that would risk the Empress’ displeasure, other dragons she is less worried about.

What can she do?: Mariassa is a trained spy, expert administrator and powerful sorceress as well as being a half-dragon.  She has access to a major city worth of men and materials including her legion of leather men and other golems.  Additionally, she has built an extensive intelligence network between her early career as an intelligencer and her role as a satrap.

Magically, Mariassa’s magic is more focused toward detection and information gathering than combat but she has access to a wide variety of items to support what she needs.  She has developed a remarkable depth of knowledge of and about golems.

Who might know her and why: Mariassa has been out of the spy game for a while, but some might have met her (or been trained by those who did).  Or a spy, freelance or otherwise, might be part of her satrapal network.

Anyone who is part of the Imperial Bureaucracy in Caracossa or the Gate City network could have met or worked for Mariassa.  Other branches of the bureaucracy may have interacted but she tries to keep such to a minimum.

Anyone who is interested in golems, or who had a master who was, could have met Mariassa as she is widely recognized as one of the top experts in such matters.

Plot Hooks: Those with golems to sell, or pieces of golems or books about golems, will find a willing buyer in Mariassa.  Equally, those seeking information on golems could find a worse source than the mistress of Caracossa but they will need to be willing to trade something of value for the information.

Mariassa is always seeking potential agents and spies, those who show promise in her city will be brought to her attention.  There are worse jobs than working for a satrap but she will expect results.

Mariassa is not above blackmailing those foolish enough to commit crimes in her city, especially if she needs something unpleasant done.

Notes: Image Ammonite from the Milan natural history museum by L. Shyamal found on Wikimedia Commons and used under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

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