The New Atlantians – Issue 1 (ICONS Campaign Report)

11 July, 2010

The New Atlantians
Heroes of the 60s Campaign Report

Premier Issue 1: Menace of the Meteor Master
Introducing: Cernunnos, the Horned Man, reawakened Celtic god.
King Ant, in his atomic powered armor.
One-Eyed Jack, “the Luckiest Android ‘Alive’”.
Appearing in this issue: Villains: Meteor Master, his henchmen (the Meteor-Men) and two Catch-Bots.

Cover: The silhouette of the heads of the three characters along the bottom, facing the Meteor Master and his meteor (which is crackling with Kirby energy).  Splashed across the bottom is “Can the heroes defeat the Menace of the Meteor Master?!”

Opening page: “A quiet day in Atlanta . . .”  The three heroes, in their secret identities are being shown around downtown Atlanta by Maj. Markus Jackson, USAF (ret).  Cernunnos remarks on how he prefers reals horses to rolling metal boxes.  “. . . or is it?”

The opening splash page is divided into three tracks, one for each hero:
•    Cernunnos, showing him as a great hero/god in ancient Ireland, confront the Snake Witch, being bound into stone, the stone’s travels and his reawakening when the stone was on display at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta was touched by his distant descendant freeing him.
•    King Ant, brilliant scientist Frank Maxwell builds his King Ant armor out of prototypes for systems rejected by the US Military as too expensive for mass production in order to save his company ANT (Applied Nuclear Technologies).
•    One-Eyed Jack, built as the ultimate card player, with the ability to manipulate probability and read minds by the European villain Der Techniker.  His positronic brain rebelled and he has been on the run ever since, fleeing to the United States to start a new life.

Maj. Jackson gets a call on his walkie talkie that the downtown branch of the First American Bank of Atlanta is being raided by the Meteor Master.  The heroes transform into their hero identities and Cernunnos take control of the carriage horse and they charge off toward the bank.

Arriving at the FABA building, there are two black sedans parked outside and the main doors have been torn open.  Two men in blue jumpsuits and M3 submachine guns stand guard.  The heroes storm in through a hail of bullets, One-Eyed Jack using his amazing luck to intercept the bullets with a scattered deck of playing cards.  Cernunnos tears the gun out of one of the henchman’s hands while King Ant imposes his will on the other to find out the situation inside.

Finding out that the Meteor Master is, in fact, inside along with more henchmen, Cernunnos and One-Eyed Jack rushed in while King Ant leaps into one of the escape cars to make a grand entrance.

The Meteor Master, standing in front of the vault turns to face the heroes, his meteor floating above him turning as well.  “I had hoped you would appear.  Der Techniker gave me something to deal with you.  Catch-Bots activate!”  Two of the four henchmen rip free of their jumpsuits, their limbs and torso opening, ready to capture One-Eyed Jack.

One-Eyed Jack flees, pursued by the Catch-Bots on their mighty leg springs.  King Ant drives into the bank in one of the getaway cars.  The remaining two Meteor Men opened fire which was easily avoid by Cernunnos and bounced off of King Ant’s armor.  Cernunnos breaks the SMG in his hands saying “Technology makes men evil.”  He then picks up the getaway car and uses it to pin the henchmen again the wall.  King Ant attempts to disable the meteor and is blasted backwards by a meteor strike for his trouble (which leaves a piece embedded in his armor).

Outside, the Catch-Bots have trapped One-Eyed Jack on a rooftop.  Jack has a flashback to when he was captured after he escaped the first time.  Experiencing the android equivalent of an adrenaline-surge, he grabs one Catch-Bot and spins it around before tossing it into the other.  Their catch mechanisms close around each other as they fall from the roof, landing in a twisted pile of metal.  “Looks like your luck has run out,” says Jack looking down on them.

Back in the bank, Cernunnos is wrestling with the Meteor Master’s meteor . . . and winning!  While King Ant attempts to talk the villain down (while trying to use his emotion control – respect).  Finally the meteor is shatter and King Ant’s efforts pay off, the Meteor Master surrenders to Cernunnos and One-Eyed Jack shows back up just as the police arrive.

Meteor Master and his henchmen are taken away by the police.  The USAF carts away the shattered remnants of the meteor.  Final page shows the newspaper headlines “Atlanta’s New Heroes!”  “Bank Heist Stopped by New Atlantians!”  The last panel shows the Meteor Master’s meteor slowly pulling itself back together.

Notes: This was our first session of ICONS and the team has changed slightly from the initial ideas and for a first game it went fairly well.  Not sure when we will play again but new reports as we do.


  1. Thanks for the write-up. I have this game on order, and I am looking forward to running it in one-shots with my regular group, on weeks when our usual DM can’t make it.

    Can you give some more info about character creation? Did your players use random generation, and if so, did they find themselves tweaking the results?

    • We did full out random character creation, a little messing with powers but nothing serious. So far, so good.

  2. One-eyed Jack here. Yes, very little messing with powers…the random chargen works well, as long as you’re an adaptable player.

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