Organization – Eosiante Directorate of Magic

5 July, 2010

We do what must be done for Eosiant, magic must be controlled and brought to serve the Kingdom’s need.   Lone wizards and cults of unnamed gods cannot be allowed to upset the stability of our Kingdom . . . but their knowledge can be pressed into service with or without their cooperation.

Eosiente Directorate of Magic

The actual government of the Kingdom of Eosiant has become centralized as it has expanded, one of the branches that has become extremely influential is the Directorate of Magic.  Originally founded to license practitioners of magic, essentially enforcing a government monopoly on who was allowed to practice magic their duties have expanded to locating and eliminating unlicensed practitioners of magic, illegal cults and acting as an unofficial foreign intelligence service.

Goal: Magic for the success of the Kingdom

The Directorate sees its successes as the Kingdom’s successes, the power and knowledge provided by magic ensures the strength of the Kingdom.  The Directorate, naturally, thinks that they understand both magic and the need of the Kingdom more than most, certainly more than most of those who have positions in the Royal Government, so the Directorate must use their superior knowledge and skills to manipulate events to show the government what really needs to be done.


The Directorate is completely loyal to the Directorate, the nation and the current King of Eosiant, essentially in that order.  Those of the Directorate are willing to do what is needed to ensure the advancement of the King and the nation’s interests, even when the things needed for such are messy and unpleasant.  They see themselves as the true patriots and defenders of Eosiante culture, that they benefit highly from their actions are simply the rewards for loyal service.

Leader and Organization

Minister Count Maxime D’Amber, a skilled wizard and even more skilled politician, this handsome half-elf has been party to the expanding power of the Directorate and is one of the architects of its rise and current direction.  He despairs of seeing the Kingdom securely placed as an independent and self-reliant state before the end of his life and may be tempted to find ways to extend his life.

The visible primary mission of the Directorate is handled by Section One – Approval and Certifying, which tests users of magic and insures that they understand the law of the land.  Those that pass the test are issued a license to practice for a period, usually three years but occasionally for more or less.  Section Two – Protection and Security, this branch is charged with rooting out charlatans (that is, unlicensed practitioners of magic) and proscribed cults, the agents of Section Two are usually referred to as witch hunters and they have a reputation for ruthless efficiency often working in close concert with the Church of the Undying Sun.  Section Three – Archives and Registration, keeps all of the directorate’s records and also sponsors research at the Universities of Eosiant as well as secret projects.  Section Four – External Affairs, this section is composed of the elite of the directorate, they act as ambassador to other parts of the Royal Government as well as an every expanding network of agents outsides of Eosiant.


The Directorate maintains its main offices in Cerise on the edge of the government district.  It is a newly built but fairly unremarkable large stone building, four stories tall and occupying much of a city block.  All of the records that the Directorate does not mind being accessed by other governmental departments are kept here along with offices, classrooms and, in the basement, cells.  A magical look at the building will show that it is well warded against attacks from both physical and mystical means.


The first three Sections primarily employ only Eosiante citizens, though the third section has been known to speed up citizenship for potential researchers, the fourth section recruits more widely with the promise of citizenship for those who serve well.  Those who wield magic are especially prized at all levels within the Directorate.  A written test is usually required from the applicant those who are invited in are required to take an oath of office, with those who will be serving in sensitive areas, such as research, will be required to take additional magically binding oaths, agents of the Fourth Section normally avoids such magical bonds (as much as they might like to use such) as they can be detected.

Gaining Prestige

Serve the Kingdom, aid the Directorate, control unauthorized magic.  Success in the Directorate is mostly achieved by following orders given and doing a competent job.

The Directorate has several secret projects going on that any additions too, even if inadvertent by the people involved, will bring them to the attention of their superiors: D’Amber’s increasing interest in extending his lifespan.  Any knowledge or weapons designed to specifically fight dragons.  Methods of rapid travel and secure communication.


The Directorate is a smaller part of the Royal Government but still has access to considerable physical resources including calling open the aid of the Royal Army if needed, but -like all such- bureaucracy such expenditures of resources must be justified to the powers that be, especially if outside agencies were involved.  The Third Section has access to an immense amount of magical information, though much of it is fragmented and ill organized.  The Fourth Section has limited access to confiscated magical devices but only for use far outside of Eosiant.

Allies and Enemies

The Directorate has tried to make itself useful to all of the branches of the Royal Government, primarily by providing them with access to reliable and useful users of magic, and to the Church of the Undying Sun, but politics often strains one relationship or another, but such is life.  Currently, they get along very well with the expansionist faction.

The Redemptionists are wary of the Directorate but keep a low profile and use their ties to the Church of the Undying Sun to -usually- avoid persecution.  The various rebel groups in the Eosiant territory dislike the Directorate but it is rarely the face of the Kingdom they see.  The operatives of the Dark Star Dominion are coming into increased contact -and conflict- with the agents of the Fourth Section.

Adventure Seeds

In Eosiant-
•    A spell-caster could easily attract the attention -which will not be good- of the Directorate which will lead to bureaucratic wrangling at best, the worst, well, let us hope it does not come to that.
•    A likely character will be “recruited” to act as a lure to try to try and draw out a cult/ rogue wizard/ mysterious plot device.
•    A “charlatan” offers the characters a very good deal on some magic items, as he needs money fast, which brings the character into the sights of the Directorate for “trafficking in unlicensed wizardly goods.”

Outside Eosiant-
•    The Directorate makes a great employer, willing to use anyone to further their aims.  They will usually hire someone for a few minor tasks to sound them out.  If they prove competent and potential loyal, they will attempt to recruit them into the Fourth Section, though who they are working for may not immediately be revealed.
•    The Directorate would happily support and feed information to a group acting against an enemy of the Kingdom possibly without revealing their involvement.  This can be a good excuse for lending the characters a helping hand if they are in need.

Adapting the Directorate to other settings

A directorate-like organization can exist in any world where there is a bureaucratic government that wishes to control magic.  It is an easy enough fit for most game worlds.


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