More about the Redemptionists

3 July, 2010

Obviously, the Redemptionists as currently written are rather specific to the Sea of Stars but such a group, seeking to bring about the return to paradise with the return of the (lost) gods to the world/ to action/ to walk the Earth has a place in almost any campaign world.

The Redemptionists are useful as allies to player characters, whom they will try to recruit, as they have information about lost and abandoned temples, shrines and other holy places.  Places that the members of the Redemptionist are rarely in the position to take advantage of, so they are willing to trade knowledge of such locations for the sacred items within.  The Redemptionist  are happy to part with items of purely monetary or practical nature in return for regaining their religious heritage.

The Redemptionists also maintain a network of transports and guest and safe houses throughout and between their cells, if one is willing to help them in their aims, they may be willing to help get people where they need to go in secrecy.

Having characters being part of the Redemptionists, having been raised in the faith or later recruits, at game start gives them a reason to work together and an initial path to follow even if they later turn from that path.

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