Wandering the Web [4]

1 July, 2010

Another post detailing interesting, curious and odd things I have found in my travels across the web.

For your amusement and edification, the Periodic Table of Superpowers.  Useful for all superheroic games.

You can watch classic Star Trek online at the CBS website, there are a few commercials but still fun.  They also have a variety of other shows available for watching including the Twilight Zone,  Star Trek: Enterprise and even Twin Peaks.

Sea Monster!  The Leviathan melvillei, a huge whale with massive teeth from 12 million years ago.  Seems like a great addition to the list of fantastic sea monsters.

Building a new castle in France using period methods.  Lots of hard work and lots of lost practical knowledge being rediscovered.

Amazing art from Sidney Sime whose work is nearly forgotten now, check out his Map of Dreamland which reminds me of the Sea of Stars.

80 Tilt Shift photos from Tokyo, several have a very good cyberpunk/near future vibe as do the dream designs from the Shimizu Corporation.

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