ICONS Villain – the Meteor Master!

30 June, 2010

Meteor Master

Meteor Master

The Meteor Master

aka Cosmo Masters
Origin Gimmick

Prowess 6
Coordination 6
Strength 4
Intellect 6
Awareness 4
Willpower 3

Stamina 9
Determination —  (he is a villain)


Supersense – X-Ray Vision 3

Telekinesis (Meteor  Manipulation) 7

•    Attacking (Meteor Strike)
•    Defending (Blocking Rock)




Catchphrase – “The Reign of the Meteor Master begins!”
Connection – Mary Blue, sweetheart
Motivation – Become Rich


Personal – Requires mineral rich diet, loses 1 point of telekinesis for each day without


Cosmo Masters was a third generation Italian-American growing up in New York, he mostly avoided getting drawn into criminal activities and was drafted into the army straight out of high school.  He served an unremarkable term, learning a little about electronics and finding that there were criminal elements even in the army.

Cosmo managed to just avoid a dishonorable discharge and started kicking around the US looking for work.  He was in upstate New York, helping his cousin move some semi-legal goods from over the Canadian border, when he saw a falling star.  He made his way up into the hills to find it, a glowing orangish rock, he was overcome by dizziness and passed out.

When he woke up, he found the meteor hovering next to him and he found he could control its movements and use the weird ‘quasi-gravity’ that it generated to move objects, sent piece of its surface to strike people and the meteor itself would move to intercept attacks against him.  Something had changed in his eyes and he could see, blurrily, the interior of objects.

Deciding to make a name for himself, he got a costume and headed South, where there were fewer superheroes, to make his fortune as the Meteor Master.

He usually works with a squad of henchmen (the “Meteor Men”) in blue jumpsuits with a meteor patch on the breast and shoulder armed with submachine guns.

Adventure Ideas

•    The Meteor Master has heard that a local university has a meteor that displays similar powers to his.  He wishes to take it and add it to his arsenal.  But how will the two meteors interact?
•    Cosmo has found out that a rival is romancing Mary Blue, he goes on a rampage trying to get everything he needs to propose to Mary and offer a wonderful honeymoon: ring, lots of cash and a new car.  Can the heroes stop him before he skips town with his ill-gotten goods?
•    Cosmo needs rare minerals to maintain his powers and he has been raiding specialized stores to acquire it.  Can our heroes figure out what he is stealing and stop him next time?

Notes: Random roll build, background by Sean Holland, art by Fabrica de Herois – Animated.

My first ICONS villain for the New Atlantians campaign.

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  1. Love it!

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