ICONic Atlanta 1965 – Intro and Resources

24 June, 2010

We are adding ICONS to our list of rotating games for our Wednesday Night group.  As I am running it, it is the continuation of my Champions of the 1960s/Heroes Inc campaign world set in the Silver Age, specifically 1965.

Here is the introduction:

The Year is 1965. LBJ is newly returned to the White House, the conflict in Vietnam continues to expand, while at home the battle for civil rights is being fought.

Into this maelstrom comes The New Atlantians, a superteam for Atlanta and the South sponsored by Coca Cola, Delta Airlines and others seeking to improve (and protect) their city, state and country. Organized by Maj Marcus Jackson, USAF (Ret), acting as government liaison.

The team (generated last night) are:

  • Mint Julip

    Mint Julip

    The Last Pharaoh, returned from death to protect the world from the machinations of Set.  Ruler of the micro-nation of New Thebes.  (Played by B. past master of crazy superheroics.)

  • One-Eyed Jack, “the luckiest Android ‘alive'”, built by Der Techniker as the ultimate gambling robot.  One-Eyed Jack rebelled against his master and his programming to escape and lead a life as a free being.  (Played by J.M.)
  • King Ant, technical genius with a constantly shifting set of tools made of ants!  (Played by J.W.)
  • Mint Julip, token superheroine, because every 60s team had one.  (NPC)

Game reports and more details on the characters and setting soon.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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