Free the Droids Now!

16 June, 2010

I just recently watched Space Balls which got me thinking about Star Wars and its universe, most particularly about the status of droids in that far away place long, long ago.

We learn from Episode I (the Phantom Menace) that slavery exists outside the Republic and is at least tolerated by that flawed institution.   Say what you like about the Empire but at least they ended slavery . . . of people.  The droids in all of the many SW-eras remain enslaved, even the Rebellion has no use for the rights of droids.

Droids are the dirty secret of the SW universe, they are sentient, thinking, feeling beings held as property.  Liable to be memory wiped, controlled by painful means (restraining bolts for example), dismantled for spare parts or scrapped at the whim of their owner.   And no one cares:  from the jedi, protectors of all that is right and good, to the scavenging jawa, they all use and abuse droids with no thought to the droids themselves and their right to exist as independent beings.

If I even play in a Star Wars RPG again, which seems unlikely, I think will play a ‘droidist’ seeking to free the droids from their cruel slavery and give them equal rights with the other sentient beings in the galaxy.

Yes, just some random geek musing.  I get to do that sometimes.


  1. I am a bit late but if your read this by any chance:
    the Empire did not end slavery, e.g. the deathstar was build mainly by wookie slaves

    And if you are intreested there was a droid that tried to destroy all the puny carbon based lifes. His name is IG88. Just can’t remember in which book his story was told…

    • I am not a student of Star Wars, I just watch the movies. But I sure did not see any wookies on the Deathstar (apart from Chewbacca).

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