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Tuesday Magic Item – Dragon-Spine Maul

15 June, 2010

Swinging his maul as though threshing grain, the Son of War drove through the unfortunate conscripts before crashing into the Honor Guard of the Lord of Nevix.  Shields and armor were rent asunder before his mighty assault and only the sword of Ghevual the Grey, the lord’s personal bodyguard, was able to stop the Son’s rampage along with his life.  For a moment all was quiet . . . Until the second Son of War began his charge.

Dragon-Spine Maul

These weapons are rare, which is not surprising as their striking head is made from the carved vertebra of a dragon etched with runes and placed on a steel alloy shaft.  They were originally the exclusive property of the Heartrippers of the Sons of War, an extremely martial religious order dedicated to proving themselves in combat against the strongest foes in the world.  The Heartrippers were wiped out during the great struggle where they found that one on one, the dragons did have the upper hand.  A handful of their weapons survived as did a very few works describing how they were made.

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