New Magic Item – Ancestors’ Shield

31 May, 2010

It was said to be the same shield that guarded the Barony since it was founded.  First used by Sir Konnolan who became the first baron when he lead his troops into battle and lost during his heroic defense of the Silver Pass when he was in his seventies.  Recovered by the militia leader Ronald Stronghand who broke the Black Fang Raiders before being lost again.  Last seen fifty years ago, used by the Baron youngest son to defend the keep during the eighty day siege.  It is a shield of legend, of history, of our brave ancestors.

Ancestors’ Shield

These shields wear their age, often being of antique designs and bearing the heraldry of long forgotten bloodlines.  On the inside are the marks of those who have carried the shield through the years.  When found, the fittings may be in need of repair but the main body of the shield is always sturdy and ready for use.

The Ancestors’ Shield is a +1 heavy steel shield but it is very difficult to destroy (hardness 17, 50 hit points).  However, it also serves as a conduit to those who have used the shield before.  By learning and reciting the names of those who have used the shield before (a full round action) the bearer gains a +4 moral bonus to saves against fear and temporary hit points equal to twice their level plus their Charisma modifier (if positive) for one hour.

Once the bearer has performed a heroic deed that will be remembered through the ages and has inscribed their name on the back of the shield, it becomes for them (and them alone) +3 heavy steel shield that radiates a continuous bless effect.

Aura moderate abjuration; CL 9th
Slot shield; Price 5,000; Weight 15 lbs
Requirements Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Bless or Mage Armor, Contact Other Plane or Speak with Dead, Heroism or Prayer; Cost 2,500 (+200 xp for D&D)

Notes: This seemed an appropriate item to Memorial Day.

It is part of my attempt to build interesting items that scale, to some extent, with the characters.

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