June Plans and a look back over May

31 May, 2010

May is almost over and it was a fairly productive month but not a very focused one.

June will see the one year anniversary of this journal!   So, the theme for June will be the Sea of Stars in general and the Empress in particular.  As usual, if there is something you would like to see, please let me know.

This month saw:

Through the Lens of History Vision 11: With Scimitar, Veil and Book – Muslim Women Warriors

What Character Archetypes do you enjoy Playing?


Amatha Lilly-of-the-Stars, Skyship pilot and lover of flight.

Visionary Promise, sorcerer, seer, sage.

Xanthippe, loyal minotauress bodyguard (up at Stuffershack).

Magic Items

Ancestors’ Shield, protect your family and be a hero.

Bed of Dreaming Travel, travel in your dreams and be there when you awake.

Communicative Mirror, ever wonder how wizards know what is going on?

Hive Sling, bringing buzzing doom.

Necklace of the Bibiolthec, for the scholar-mage.

Shield of the People, lead the oppressed to victory!

Traveling Towel, you need one to be a hoopy frood.


Badgerkin (“Brave Folk”), the sturdy and stoic defenders of the Crimson Lined Valley.


Tornado Hydra, an (air) elemental force of destruction.

Sting Squirrel, deadly chimeric squirrels.

Campaign Reports

Many from the Empire of Rokugan, Junior Yoriki Team B Episode 9 – Ancient Horrors Awakened, Episode 10 – Winter Court 1, Episode 11- Bloody Night at Quiet Monkey Village, and Episode 12 – Winter Court 2.


Genius Guide to: Crystal Magic, crystal power.

Genius Guide to: Dream Magic, beware the danger of the dreamscape.

How to Train your Dragon (movie), a fun piece of fantasy fluff.

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