Amatha Lilly-of-the-Stars, Skyship Pilot and Explorer

28 May, 2010

Sorry this is late, I seem to have been suffering from a dearth of inspiration this week.

Amatha Lilly-of-the-Stars, Skyship Pilot and Explorer

Quote: There is no finer way to travel then in the sky.
Here we go!

Description: Amatha is slender and athletic but not overly tall (5’7″/1.7m), she is athletic and graceful, a classic elf.  Her pale blond hair is worn short and her sky blue eyes reflect her passion for the sky.  She almost always wears a compass rose earring in her right ear.

Amatha prefers to wear flying leathers complete with smoked-glass goggles.  She carries a short composite bow, rapier and a map case along with a survival kit when flying.  She usually packs a few fashionable dresses just in case.

: Like those of her house, Amatha was trained to be a manager of lands and estates, a profession assistant to those with wealth and holdings.  She was a good student, but her eyes always drifted to the sky.  Once she took a ride on a sky ship as a teenager, she knew that was where she belonged.

Finishing out her apprenticeship, Amatha studied everything about sky ships and flying.  Gathering scraps of various sorts of liftwood, she constructed -with considerable help- a small sky ship, really more of a sky boat and began making short runs with it taking messages and small packages with her.  She used every coin she earned to improve her ship, soon she sold it on to pay for a custom-built flyer which she has constantly improved.

Presenting this Character
: Amatha is brave and cheerful, well read and philosophical but most of all, she loves to fly.  She is always looking to the sky, trying to discern the weather patterns, checking the winds, if the stars are out she will be mentally plotting the next stage of her flight.

Amatha really seems quite normal and even charming, until the subject of flying or sailing comes up, that she will talk about at length and in amazing detail.  She is even more animated when actually flying.

What can she do?
: Amatha is a competent personal combatant, trained with the sword and bow as all of her peers but she is no great warrior and she knows it.  She is very agile with an amazing sense of balance and will usually try to escape rather than fight.

What she is an expert in, is sky ship piloting and flying.  While she has tried purely magical flight, she found it unsatisfying, but to trim the sails high above the islands in a high wind and knowing that a single misstep can send you plunging to your doom, that is flying to her.  Amatha is a natural pilot of a sky ship, she feels the ship in flight and can maneuver it almost as an extension of herself.

Her personal flyer, the Ai’a, is small enough to be crewed by a single person, barely, but it can hold up to six with a small amount of cargo.

Who might know her and why: Anyone who was worked -or traveled- a sky ship could have encountered Amatha.  She is fairly well known among the sky sailors.

Anyone who knew Amatha when she found her obsession would remember her as it changed her completely.

Amatha delivers quite a bit of post and small high value packages, so her path could have crossed that of anyone associated with nobles, merchants or wizards.

Plot Hooks
: If you need a pilot for some tight maneuvering or fancy flying, you could do far worse that Amatha.

If the characters need to get somewhere quickly, Amatha’s Ai’a is one of the fastest flyers in the Sea of Stars.

Amatha is always looking for ways to improve her ship and would happily join in, and provide transport, for a mission that would be likely to provide such.

Amatha is exploring a new air route through some high mountains, she needs a few hands who are good with unusual situations should any come up.

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