Tuesday Magic Item – Traveling Towel

25 May, 2010

In honor of Towel Day, an item for the galactic hitchhiker in us all:

Traveling Towel

These hard wearing pieces of cloth are useful in a thousand and one circumstance.  While usually just a simple solid color, sometime they are found with patterns or even with fringes.

The Traveling Tower is almost impossible to tear or destroy (hardness 5, 15 hp, ‘heals’ 1 hit point per day) making it useful for numerous tasks it is also highly absorbent and stain resistant, making it the ideal towel as well.  In any situation that the towel can be described as being useful it will provide whichever of the following ‘towel bonuses’ is appropriate: +3 to a skill check, +1 to a save or +1 to armor class.  It can only be used to gain one bonus each round.

Aura faint abjuration and transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 3,725; Weight 1 lb (dry)
Requirements Create Wondrous Item, heroism, mending, prestidigitation, remove fear; Cost 1,862.5 (+149 xp for D&D)

For other Towel related goodness see Tenletter’s Towel post.


  1. I love the selection of spells required to create the traveling towel. Brilliant.

    • Thank you, I was happy with how they worked out too.

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