Wandering the Web [3]

13 May, 2010

Time for another collection of interesting and unusual articles and places on the web for your enjoyment and edification.

As my L5R Campaign Reports make clear, I am a fan of the Empire of Rokugan setting even having gone so far as to have written some fanfiction for it.  Black Silk Castle maintains a library for such and you can find mine under the name Akaihyo (the name I use on almost all L5R related boards).

Some Cyberpunk-inspired links over at my LiveJournal account.

Travel writing from the Languedoc in France, where the Cathar Heresy was burnt out by a Crusade in the 13th century.  Beautiful country with a tragic history.

History and the modern world combine in this story about the Kaiser’s African Gunboat.  Fascinating reading and proof that truth is stranger than fiction.

A huge oarfish is found on the Swedish coast.  Might these oarfish have been the inspiration for legends of sea serpents?

The Strange World of Professor Copperthwaite, a collection of strange and chimeric stuffed creatures.  Good for inspiration.

One comment

  1. Ah hah! Brilliant! I was huntin’ for some GM inspiration 🙂


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