New Magic Item – Hive Sling

11 May, 2010

The incessant buzzing unnerved the bandits as the slings of the Canistrum Legion slowly wore away at their walls.  The bandit brave enough to try to exchange shots with them soon gave it out as swarms of bees appeared to make life unpleasant for them.  After a day and a night of ceaseless bombardment, the bandits surrendered.

Hive Sling

This sling is woven from waxed honey-colored silk cording, the pouch for the stone is worked in a hexagonal weave.  The sling makes a buzzing sound when it is used too attack making it difficult for the user to be inconspicious.

The hive sling is a +1 sling that causes an additional 1d4 points of sonic damage on a successful attack.  For the purpose of damaging structures the sonic damage is added to the weapon damage for overcoming hardness.  Once per day, the slinger may mark a stone or bullet with his blood (taking one hit point of damage) to have the missile turn into a swarm of bees (treat as a spider swarm with a move of 5 ft, fly 30 ft -perfect-) for three rounds.

Aura faint conjuration (summoning) and evocation; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 9,500; Weight .25 lbs
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cat’s grace, shout, summon swarm; Cost 4,250 (+380 xp for D&D)

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