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Badgerkin (“Brave Folk”)

10 May, 2010

One of the minor races of the Sea of Stars.  Created for a player who is a big fan of Redwall.

Badgerkin (“Brave Folk”)

In the Crimson-Lined Valley, the Clans are guarded by the warriors of Drake’s Hold, the bravest of them are from the Badgerkin line.  The origins of the Brave Folk are traced back to the Sundering when the Baron of Jackery drew upon all of their resources to defender the Crimson-Lined Valley from invasion.  Among the defenders were the trained badgers of the young Baron.  What happened has never made clear, but the Brave Folk returned from the battle having driven off the invaders, their leader was the young Baron henceforth known as Rolland the Brave.

Since then the Brave Folk have guarded the Crimson-Lined Valley from harm.

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