May Plans and April Reflections

30 April, 2010

May or Maius in Latin, which the Roman poet Ovid says  is named for the maiores, Latin for elders, or it might have been named after the Greek goddess Maia, who is associated with Spring.  So, shall I stay with Spring and the Fey for May?  Perhaps with a few of the major players, representing the elders, described for the Sea of Stars?  What would people like to see?

April was a fairly productive month.  In the design Journal we saw:


Languages in the Sea of Stars and RPGs, how do the characters communicate in game.

The Otherworld Lands of the Sea of Stars, the fey-like realms and other such places.

Through the Lens of History – Vision 10: “Message for you, Sir!” – Part II – Mail and Messengers from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern World, more about messengers in history.


Aspect of Spring [Template], the touch of Spring blesses you

Thorn Dog and Royal Thorn Dog, animal servants of the Court of Spring.


Evvaraa, Knight of the Spring, Agent of the Agone Road.

Magic Items

The Evergreen Staff of Spring, a useful item for the wayfarer.

The Harvest Moon Bow, this bow does more than harm.

Horseshoes of the Coming Spring, better travel and more.

Pollen Puffball, to hamper and annoy those who would harm the forest.

Spring Shelter, another useful item for travelers.

Strength of Spring Potion, something to infuse you with the restorative power of the Spring.


Prince of Leaves, a spell inspired by the name of a fairy tale.

The Wrathful Glare of the Sun, for Pathfinder and Legend of the Five Rings.

Campaign Reports and Notes

Feats of Spring, two feats representing guidance from the Court of Spring.

L5R JYTB Campaign Report 7 (Challenge of the Crimson Hawk) and 8 (Culture, Rice and Lions)

L5R Campaign Dramatis Personae

L5R Campaign Background Notes

L5R Setting Notes – Minor Clans


Clash of the Titans (2010) Movie

Genius Guide to: Earth Magic

Genius Guide to: the Godling

Genius Guide to: Ice Magic

Living Legends, Superhero RPG and the Intercrime: Hostile Takeover adventure for LL.

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