L5R Campaign – Dramatis Personæ

7 April, 2010

This is a collection of sketches and information about the major players in my version of Rokugan.  It is rather scattered as it is only people that the characters have met, or are tied to plot or and characters that the player are (in theory) directly responsible to, such as their family daimyo.

Those who Rule
Emperor Nakamikado
Empress Tsuneko

Hantei Reizei, 4th son of the Emperor by his second wife, a Lion, now dead.  (The Emperor being on his 3rd wife now.)  Now serving as an officer in the 2nd Imperial Legion.

Otomo Gyouseihime, the Lady of the Otomo, she rules the courts of the Empire with an iron fist, being the final arbiter of fashion and manners.

Hida Yamahime, widow of the Crab Champion Hida Katai, and regent for her fifteen year old son.  A skilled tactician and master of origami.

Kaiu Tsuyomi, Kiau family daimyo, an engineer’s engineer.  Widely travelled in his youth, seeking to improve the Wall by systematic revision and rebuilding.  An avid collector of information on gaijin building techniques.

Kakita Kimitaka, Kakita family daimyo and master sensei of the Kakita Dueling Academy.  A highly focussed man, exemplifying the Crane drive for excellence.


Akodo Tarasi, The new Lion Clan Champion, for less then a year following the death of his much older brother.  He seems to take his new role very seriously.

Isawa Jihito, The Elemental Master of Void is among the Phoenix Clan’s most celebrated sensei. Jihito has a wide range of interests, well beyond magic.

Bayushi Sandai, an older man, oldest among the current champions, having seen over sixty summers.  None of his children approach the level of proficiency he expects of a champion and so he waits.

Shosuro Iname, the Shosuro Family Daimyo is a charming and witting lady, sought after for any major gathering.  She wears a mask that seems to be spun from spider webs and cover her face from her eyes to just above her mouth.

Soshi Kurohime, the Black Lady of the Soshi is more learned of the ways of the kami of any in the Empire apart from the Phoenix Masters.  Her religious and scholarly duties take so much of her time that the actual management of the Soshi fall to her husband, Anshiro, a former Kakaita.

Minor Clans

Usagi Saotome, Champions of the Hare and adopted son of the former Hare Champion.  A hero who returned the Hare Clan sword and a noble example of how a ronin may make good among the minor clans.

Toku Jihime, eldest daughter of the last Toku daimyo -who died young in Imperial service- Jihime was recalled to lead her clan from her service as an Emerald Magistrate.  She exemplifies everything noble about the Monkey Clan but must now find a husband.

The Imperial Magistrates

The Magistrate that our characters are rsponsible to:
Doji Akira, known as Neko because his mother was an Akodo, because of his subtle ability to manipulate things or his smug nature, take your choice.

and his Household
Matsu Ashiko, former Ashahina now widowed, petite and a shugenja.

Matsu Yasu, Doji Akira’s yojimbo, laconic follower of the Akodo school.

Other Imperial Magistrates

Otomo Takama, a man who relies on his vast web of contacts and agents to get things done.  More a politician than an investigator.

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