The Otherworld Lands of the Sea of Stars

5 April, 2010

Before the Sundering, the world that would become the Sea of Stars was very orderly in its organization.  There was:

  • The World, where all things mortal live.
  • The Heavens Above, primarily occupied by the gods and their servitors.
  • The Underworld below, home to diabolic creatures and souls in torment.
  • The Shadowlands, though which the dead would travel and which touched on the World.
  • The Otherworld Lands, where the spirits and petty gods existed away from, but aware of, the Worlds.  Here is where the fey creatures dwelled and where the Courts of the Seasons held sway.
  • The Elemental Realms, part yet not of the world, the essences which may be the building blocks of reality remain.

When the Sundering occurred, shattering the world, the direct paths to the Heavens and the Underworld where forcibly severed leaving the inhabitants of both even more dependent on the summoning talents of mortal to reach the world.

The Otherworld Lands and the Shadowlands, as both were tied to and reflections of the world, shattered as the world shattered.  The effects of this on the Shadowlands where less visible and less traumatic, though still impressive.

But in the Otherworld realms, where many beings were tied to aspects of the land or the seasons, it was devastating.  Beings were forced into new forms or destroyed as their home ground was changed in seconds, some were warped beyond reason, others killed themselves unable to accept their new selves and many simply went mad (even by the -admittedly lax- standards of their peers).  The Seasonal Courts were forced in stasis for years waiting as the seasons were finally restored to balance.

The realms beyond, like the world itself, is fragmented traveling between them, once easy, is not fraught with dangers and dead ends.  The high roads and portals that allowed for rapid travel to and from the world suffered as well many becoming unstable or uncontrollable.  As the dragons exerted control over their new realms, the people of the otherworld realms drew back, hide and waited.  Only now, after centuries of observation,  are they beginning to reestablish routes back into the world and to recruit agents.  The games between the Courts of the Seasons have been intensifying and new players and new pawns are needed . . .

For more discussion of the Shadowlands and the Elemental Realms and my more recent thoughts on the place of elementals.

A look at goblins, debased spirits of the Otherrealms.

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