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The Otherworld Lands of the Sea of Stars

5 April, 2010

Before the Sundering, the world that would become the Sea of Stars was very orderly in its organization.  There was:

  • The World, where all things mortal live.
  • The Heavens Above, primarily occupied by the gods and their servitors.
  • The Underworld below, home to diabolic creatures and souls in torment.
  • The Shadowlands, though which the dead would travel and which touched on the World.
  • The Otherworld Lands, where the spirits and petty gods existed away from, but aware of, the Worlds.  Here is where the fey creatures dwelled and where the Courts of the Seasons held sway.
  • The Elemental Realms, part yet not of the world, the essences which may be the building blocks of reality remain.

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