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L5R Campaign Background Notes

4 April, 2010

Just to fill in some of the background to my current L5R campaign and place it where it is easily accessible to all:

The Battle of White Stag was not fought against gaijin but sea folk who used sea serpents and odd magics. So, no guns and gunpowder in this history and no Imperial ban on them either. Hello fireworks and Agasha rocket teams!

There are two sorts of oni, normal ‘common’ oni which are malicious, often primary coloured, spirits with horns and sometimes extra eyes. They can show up almost anywhere, they are evil but not evil (as in, not a pawn of He Whose Name is Not Spoken). The Oni who are direct servants of the Dark are technically “Kuroni” (“black oni”) but that term is only used by specialists in such matters.

Kaimonyami (“Open gate to Darkness”, theoretically, I have no Japanese) is when the Dark breaks through into the Empire. Usually caused by rituals used to summon Kuroni going terribly wrong but occasionally just because the stars are right.

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