Evvaraa – Knight of the Spring – Agent of the Agone Road

3 April, 2010

Evvaraa, Knight of the Spring, Agent of the Agone Road

Quote: The paths between the seasons are shattered and twisted, finding the route is difficult . . . but we will manage.

: Of above average height and almost unhealthily slender, Evvaraa is androgynous and lithe, hir movements languid and graceful.  Hir hair appears black until it is caught in the light and it can be seen as an intensely deep green, while hir eyes are the deep blue of the sky at twilight.  Evvaraa’s fingers and long and elegant, hir nails either painted or naturally a solid porcelain white.

Evvaraa favors clothes in neutral colors for work worn over the finest woven bronze mail.  Shi carries a beautiful, if plain hilted, leaf bladed sword and a variety of knives.  When possible, Evvaraa goes barefooted, only using the simplest of shoes when shi must.  Given a chance, and a social situation, Evvaraa will dress in the most garish of costumes, a positive riot of bright colors, with layers and patterns if possible to allow even more colors to be worn.

Background: Evvaraa is a young member of the Court of Spring, less than a century old, magically birthed from the recovered rib cage of an ancient heroine.  As the Court of Spring had been almost irrevocably shattered by the Sundering, like all of the Outerworld Lands, and it is getting increasingly desperate to restore its numbers turned to more and more exotic methods to rebuild their numbers.

Evvaraa was raised to be an Agent of the Agone Road, to scout out the world and find new members for the Court of Spring or one of the other Seasonal Courts, if they could not become part of Spring.  Shi is a child of two worlds equally at home (or equally distant) in both.

Presenting this Character: Evvaraa is effervescent, paradoxical, and operating slightly out of phase with what the rest of the world thinks of as reality.  Shi knows that there is more to the world than is commonly seen.  Evvaraa is someone who knows some of the secrets of the world, shi just does not realize that they are secrets to others.

Evvaraa tends to speak in formalities adding ever more elaborate titles and descriptions given the chance.

What can shi do?: Evvaraa is skilled with the blade, and in combat in general, but usually begins combat with a nearly ritualized challenge to hir opponents.  Shi prefers an succession of single combats than confusing melees and unexpected maneuvers or events can throw hir off her stride though.

Evvaraa knows a variety of minor magics, mostly utility effects, and one major magic, she knows how to access the remnants of the Hidden Ways, which allow hir to travel the Otherworld Lands quickly to many places, though many of the Hidden Ways now lead nowhere or worse.

Evvaraa has been trained in the courtly ways, etiquette, music, song and oratory, but her manners are always old fashioned, or one kingdom over, always almost but not quite right but still polite.

Evvaraa is bound by two geasa, shi cannot wear anything that ties or binds her feet and shi cannot refuse an invitation to eat and drink.

Who might know hir and why
: Evvaraa is one of the eyes and ears of the Court of Spring and travels widely gathering news and rumors.  Shi is attracted to people who have the potential to be great, to be heroes.

People who have that spark of destiny, Evvaraa, will talk to, even if they are only children.  She seeks to imprint them into hir mind to try and track their Wyrds.  For the Courts need new heroes and they can come from anywhere now that the pattern is shattered.  Shi may have meet a character while he or she was a child.

Evvaraa may have been encountered on the edge of a major event as shi is drawn to such places.  If such an occasion happened in a character’s background, she or he may have seen or met hir then.

Plot Hooks
: Evvaraa is often found on the fringes of great events, its seems to be her Wyrd to be near but never touching fated moments.  This talent has made hir very useful to the surviving nobles of the Court of Spring, who send hir off to find venturers, heroes and people of destiny.

Evvaraa believes, or has been told, that one or more of the characters is a likely recruit for the Court of Spring.  But before they can be offered a place in that August Company they must be tested.  Surely there is a venture that they can be sent on to prove themselves . . .

Evvaraa senses that something is coming, something momentous, but she can only walk the edges of it.  Will her friends go where and do what shi cannot?

Notes: This is an attempt to ties all of the pieces of the requests for my April Plans into one package.  As well as tying into this month’s RPG Blog Carnival.


  1. Beautiful.

    Do you have an Autumn character in mind?
    –I’d love to read that. 😀


    • Thank you.

      I will try, though the theme for the month is Spring. I plan to do a little on each of the Otherworldly Courts before the month is out.

    • I like it a lot. She, and the court, sound interesting.

      I’d avoid phrases like ‘August company’ when talking about seasonal courts though. You’re completely right but needlessly confusing.

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