April Plans and March Reflections

31 March, 2010

April begins on the morrow.  The origin of the name of the Roman month Aprilis is uncertain, it may refer to the opening (aperire) of buds and flowers as spring arrives or to the goddess Venus, to whom it is a sacred month.   So, what themes shall we explore this month?  Spring?  Romance?  Opening?  Your thoughts, dear readers?

At the end of each month, I have decided to do a review of what was published here over that month.  March, was devoted to war and things martial and saw the following articles:

New Rules:

Slings and Slingers, an attempt to make the sling a more interesting and viable weapon.

New Prestige Classes:

Courier, a framework to be adapted for your campaign for the traveling messenger.

Imperial Kommisar, keeping order in the ranks.

Pankraton Master, experts in hand to hand combat.

Veles (Javeling Skirmisher), the javelin can be deadly in the right hands.

Veradonian Slinger, take that!

War Child (Battlefield Survivor), these are the soldier who manage to not get killed, repeatedly.

New Feat:

Pankraton, the brutal Ancient Greek martial art.

New Magic Items:

Belt of Defiance (“Bruising Belt”), unusual defensive item that beats you up to keep you safe.

Disciplinarian’s Baton and the Whip-Sword of the Taskmaster, two weapons for those that command others.

Magical Javelins, a variety of pointed sticks with enhancements.

Magical Saddles, because there should be a few.

Survivor’s Medallion, a simple magic item to help keep soldiers (and others) alive.

Other Articles:

Through the Lens of History: Vision 9: “Message for you, Sir!” – Part I – Mail and Messengers from the Ancient World to the Early Middle Ages, our monthly history article.

Ada Lovelace day is today! Celebrating women in science and technology every March 23rd.

Interesting Thoughts from Other Gamers (6), what else is going on in gaming journals that caught my eye.

L5R JYTB Campaign Report 4, Report 5 and Report 6, the continuing adventures of a group of low ranked samurai in the Empire of Rokugan.


The Genius Guide to: Feats of Battle.

The Genius Guide to: the Magus.

The Genius Guide to: Metamagic Feats.

The Pugilist Class.

Undefeatable 14: Dragon Disciple.

Villainous Lairs: Amusement Park.

Not bad I would say.


  1. I think that either Spring or Openings would be good themes.

    • Liminal places, magical portals, pathfinders, and other wonders involved with the opening of the ways please.

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