Tuesday Magic Item – Survivor’s Medallion

30 March, 2010

The medals awarded to the survivors of the battle of Kass were struck at their Colonel’s own expense.  Those who wore them swore that the medallions kept them alive from then on, their loyalty to their Colonel became unshakable and the medallions were passed down from father to son in service.

Survivor’s Medallion

These medallions are often worn to the point of illegibility from the constant handling of the wearer and often nicked or damaged by close blows.  If they can be read, they are usually prayers to warrior-saints, war medals or simply charms of protection.

The Survivor’s Medallion acts as a reserve of healing, each can store 5 + wearer’s level + the higher of the wearer’s Constitution, Wisdom or Charisma modifier (minimum 0) and it is filled at the rate of 3 points per day that the wearer is uninjured and not afflicted by disease or poison.  As a swift action, the wearer can take as much healing from the medallion as they wish.

Additionally, the medallion provides a +1 resistance bonus to saves against Disease and Poison.

Aura faint abjuration and conjuration [healing]; CL 5th
Slot neck; Price 1,500; Weight
Requirements Create Wondrous Items, cure moderate wounds, resistance; Cost 750 (+60 xp for D&D)

Notes: A simple, if limited, healing item that scales (slowly) by level of its wearer.  Something that can easily be given to a low level character to keep them alive that will still be useful at mid (if not high) levels.

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