Pankraton Master prestige class

26 March, 2010

This was a prestige class built for my Ancient Greece-inspired game and is an evolution of the Pankraton feat.  It is a combatant that relies on their own skill alone to defeat his opponents:

Pankraton Master
“Let us fight like real men, with just our hands.”

Pankraton Masters are those warriors who have mastered the physically demanding martial art of Pankraton (“all-powerful”).  In unarmed combat, the Pankration Master is devastating, outside of that arena he remains a competent warrior.

The Pankraton Master lives and dies for (and by) his reputation.  He must be ready to fight an opponent at a moments notice.  A Pankraton Master can expect to be called upon to demonstrate his prowess in any community that he enters and he must be prepared to fight a new challenger in every polis and with each passing day.  Only with very good reason (injury, a challenger so weak that he is no challenge, and so on) can the Pankraton Master refuse such casual challenges without causing irreparable harm to his reputation.

Heavy armor and weapons are disdained by the Pankraton Master who needs nothing more than his bare hands to cripple or kill an enemy.  While a Pankraton Master would not be so foolish as to venture upon a battlefield without armor, in most circumstances they feel no need to restrict their mobility (or look cowardly) by wearing armor.

Role: To defeat any and all in hand to hand combat, to be a hero of the people and a champion among champions.  The Pankration Master is a sports star, a hero and a master of unarmed combat.

Alignment: Pankraton Masters usually come from ordered societies but are often wanderers.

Hit Dice: D12

To qualify to become a Pankraton Master, a character must fulfill the following criteria.
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Skills: Intimidate 5 ranks, Acrobatics 4 ranks and Knowledge (local) or Knowledge (sport) 2 ranks
Feats: Pankraton and one of: Endurance, Toughness or Weapon Focus (Pankraton).
Special: The character must have won at least one high-profile match involving unarmed combat.

Class Skills
The Pankraton Master’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Acrobatics (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (local) (Int), Knowledge (sport) (Int), Perform (Cha), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis) and Swim (Str).

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.
Class Level    Base Attack    Fort    Ref    Will    Special
1st        +1        +1    +0    +0    Bonus Feat, Damage Reduction 0/-
2nd        +2        +1    +1    +1    Heavy Hands, Improved Grapple
3rd        +3        +2    +1    +1    Both Hands, Thick Skin
4th        +4        +2    +1    +1    Dirty Fighting
5th        +5        +3    +2    +2    Bonus Feat, Damage Reduction 1/-
6th        +6        +3    +2    +2    Eyes of Fire. Improved Both Hands
7th        +7        +4    +2    +2    Come Back for More, Killing Hands
8th        +8        +4    +3    +3    Savage Reputation, Unstoppable, Thicker Skin
9th        +9        +5    +3    +3    Bonus Feat, Damage Reduction 2/-, Greater Both Hands
10th        +10        +5    +3    +3    Divine Combatant

Class Features
All of the following are class features of the Pankraton Master prestige class.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Pankraton Masters gain no additional proficiency with any weapon or armor.

Bonus Feat: At 1st, 5th, and 9th level, the Pankraton Master receives a bonus feat chosen from the following list: Any Combat Feat that applies to melee combat, if it requires a weapons to be chosen (such as Weapon Specialization) it must be Pankraton, Athletic, Diehard, Endurance, Fleet, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Run or Toughness.  All prerequisites must be met, howere, the Pankraton Master’s levels stack with any Fighter levels he may have for determining access to the Weapon Focus chain of feats.

Damage Reduction (Ex): The Pankraton Master has toughened his body and will to such an extent that he can shrug off some blows entirely.  Starting at 1st level, the Pankraton Master gains damage reduction as listed on the table below.  This damage reduction is increased by one (1) against nonlethal damage.  If the Pankraton Master already has damage reduction as an ability, this adds to their existing damage reduction.

Heavy armor saps the Pankaton Master’s confidence in himself and lowers the effectiveness of this ability, reduce the Pankraton Master’s damage reduction by one (1) if he is wearing medium armor or a chain shirt and by two (2) if he is wearing heavy armor, in both cases to a minimum of 0.

Heavy Hands (Ex): At this point, the Pankraton Master’s blows fall with remarkable force.  When striking to inflict nonlethal damage, the Pankraton Master adds a bonus equal to half his class level to all damage inflicted with unarmed strikes and grapples.  He may also apply half this bonus when inflicting lethal damage with his unarmed strikes and grapples.

Further, the Pankration Master receives a +1 circumstance bonus to attack with unarmed attacks on any living creature of size large or smaller without armor or a natural armor of +4 or less.

Improved Grapple (Ex): By this stage in his career, the Pankraton Master has become a master of basic wresting techniques.  A 2nd level or higher when wearing light or no armor you receive a +2 bonus on checks made to grapple a foe. You also receive a +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense whenever an opponent tries to grapple you.

Both Hands (Ex): The Pankraton Master is adept at using both hands to pummel his opponents.  At 3rd level, when fighting unarmed, the Pankraton Master is treated as they have the Two-Weapon Fighting feat and to be fighting with two light weapons.

Thick Skin (Ex): The levels of muscle and scar tissue that the Pankraton Master possesses shield him from harm.  At 3rd level, he gains a +1 natural armor bonus.

Dirty Fighting (Ex): At this level, the Pankraton Master has achieved mastery of the art of the low blow.  When making an attack in light or no armor, the Pankraton Master may add a +1d4 damage bonus to all of his attacks against targets who are not immune to critical hits.

Eyes of Fire (Ex): The Pankraton Master’s reputation and will are strong enough to impose them upon his enemies.  At 6th level with a free action and a successful Intimidation check against an living being of size large or smaller within 10 feet, he can force the being to make a Will Save against a DC of 10 + Charisma modifer + Pankraton Master level or be at a -1 morale penalty to attack and saves against fear for a number of rounds equal to the Pankraton Master’s level.  Once a being has saved against Eyes of Fire, the Pankration Master may not attempt to use it against them for full day.

Improved Both Hands (Ex): The Pankraton Master skill with using both hands to pummel his opponents has improved.  At 6th level, when fighting unarmed, the Pankraton Master is treated as they have the Improved Two-Weapon Fighting feat.

Come Back for More (Ex): The Pankraton Master can will himself to overcome pain and injuries to come back for more.  Starting at 7th level, once per day by spending a full minute resting the Pankraton Master heals himself of 2d8 + his Constitution modifier (minimum +0) and his Wisdom modifier (minimum +0) points of damage and an additional amount of nonlethal damage equal to his Pankraton Master level.  The Pankraton Master also gains the benefits of an aid spell for a number of rounds equal to his Pankraton Master level plus his Wisdom modifier (minimum +0).

Killing Hands (Ex): The Pankraton Master has hardened his body into a weapon easily capable of killing.  At 7th level, the base critical threat range for the Pankraton Master’s unarmed strikes and grapples is increased to 19-20.

Savage Reputation (Ex): The Pankration Master is known far and wide for his combat skills, he receives a +4 reputation bonus to all Intimidate checks.

Unstoppable (Ex): The Pankraton Master will not be swayed or tossed aside from his goal.  At 8th level, he receives a +2 bonus to all saves against fear, to his Combat Maneuver Defense to oppose bull rush, trip and similar attacks and on all rolls to resist being knocked down, tripped or otherwise impeded (including magically such as by a hold person or web spell).

Thicker Skin (Ex): The Pankraton Master’s scars have thickened and your general ability to shrug off blows improves.  At 8rd level, his natural armor bonus improves to +2.

Greater Both Hands (Ex): The Pankraton Master skill with using both hands to strike down his opponents is unparalleled.  At 9th level, when fighting unarmed, the Pankraton Master is treated as they have the Greater Two-Weapon Fighting feat.

Divine Combatant (Su): The Pankraton master has achieved such a level of physical and martial perfection that he receives the blessings of the Gods in his actions.

Once he achieves 10th level, the Pankraton Master’s hands and body are now treated as a magical weapon with an enhancement bonus equal to the Pankraton Master’s Charisma bonus (minimum of +1) this bonus is also added to any grapple checks the Pankraton Master may make.  The Pankraton Master’s Charisma modifier (minimum +0) is used as a bonus to his armor class when he is wearing light or no armor.  Lastly, the Pankraton Master receives a +2 circumstance bonus to all social checks the GM deems appropriate.

Ex-Pankraton Master: Those who retire from the dangerous whirl of the pankraton match often become trainers or managers (or both) of other pankraton fighters.  If the pankraton master achieved 10th level, he never loses any abilities, his blessed status protects him.  Lower level Pankraton Masters lose a point from their Savage Reputation bonus each year they are out of competition and their effective class level for the Eyes of Fire ability is reduced by 1 for each year (to a minimum of 1) they are out of competition.

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