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Imperial Kommissar Prestige Class

22 March, 2010

Atop the low hill, now stained red with blood, the Irrin Militia still held at noon.  When the Kothic Horde had first started advancing shortly after dawn, they had tried to run, but Imperial Kommissar Valtic had stopped that rout by killing the first man who tried to move by him.  He still stood behind the militia, his grim visage inspiring them to face possible death at the hands of the horde rather than certain death from him.

Imperial Kommissar
Discipline maintains order, we maintain discipline.”

The Imperial Forces rely upon a small number of highly trained soldiers to maintain order across the Empire.  In times of a large scale disturbance or major war, allies are mobilized and placed under Imperial authority.  Those allied units that are considered unreliable, rebellious or simply poorly led are placed under the watchful eyes of the Imperial Kommissars.

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