Interesting Thoughts from Other Gamers (6)

20 March, 2010

Every so often I like to post links to interesting things going on in other game journals and other gamer related things that my readers might find interesting.  This is the latest installment:

Necromancer of the Northwest is a new group doing Pathfinder/D20 support with articles every weekday and a PDF every month.  Their first PDF is  Liber Vampyr dealing with those bloodsucking fiends.  Oddly, they seem to be focusing on dark magic and the living dead for their themes.

The Other Side shows Sympathy for the Succubus, detailing this monster’s history in D&D and other sources which is quite fun and, Sympathy for the Succubus, Part 2, with succubus statistics and ideas for various games.

It seems that I have been an inspiration to the writer of Thieves’ Cant who has posted up the clever Detective’s Flask magic item.

Over at Year of the Dungeon is a wonderful (and continually growing) set of maps, mostly small dungeon-type settings, and other good things.

Watch a dark future/cyberpunkish campaign come into being over at World of Corruption.

Well, that is all for now.  Let me know any fun and interesting sites you have been visiting.


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