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Veradonian Slinger Prestige Class

19 March, 2010

To go with the new sling and slinging rules, a sling based prestige class.  Obviously inspired by the historical Baleric Slingers who served in the Roman armies.

Veradonian Slinger
“Take that!”

Those people raised on the rocky islands of Veradonia make their living primarily through herding, and a herder’s best friend, after a faithful dog, is a sling. The sling can bring down small game for a meal or drive off predators that would eat the flock.  Noting the natural talent of the Veradonians with their slings, foreigners often hire them as mercenaries. As a young Veradonian does not have many other prospects, many take the chance to make their way and some coins in foreign lands.

Veradonian Slingers can be found in service near and far, serving in armies and as mercenary guards.  In the end, most return to the islands of Veradonia, some rich but most with just a few coins, a few scars and many tales to tell.

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