L5R – JYTB Campaign Report 5

14 March, 2010

Our heroes arrive, at last, at Samui Kaze Toshi (Cold Wind City) after their adventures on the road.  After a bath, they made their way to Blue Heron House, one of the Crane estates and occasional home to the Emerald Magistrate Doji Akira.  At Blue Heron House they are informed that Doji Akira had been summoned to Kyuden Otomo but he left them orders:

  • Escort his cousin Doji Chikako to Last Wave Shrine
  • Get training in basic yoriki skills before traveling to Kyuden Otomo

They meet Doji Chikako over dinner, the charming Crane maiden gets the stories of their adventures from them.  The next morning they set off for the shrine, the Crane in a palanquin with her maid, two wagons worth of supplies and horses for everyone but the Crab, they could not find a horse to fit him, and the nun.  The characters experience Crane luxury first hand.

At the end of the first day, they arrive at Minnow Village, which is quite isolated served only by a lone young Crane magistrate, Daidoji Kosaku.  All is well until they are woken from their sleep by the village’s alarm gong.  The village was under attack from a band of wako (pirates).  One group broke off to attack the inn where they were bloodily beaten off.  The characters then pursued, killed the pirates guarding the ship (the Hare suffering a grievous wound) and disabled it.  The remaining pirates scattered or were killed.

Leaving the Hare to recovered they continued on the next day to Last Wave Shrine where Doji Chikako performed an absolution and prayers and they headed back to Samui Kaze Toshi, stopping to pick up the Hare at Minnow Village.

They then spend a three week course training in courtly skills and a basic understanding of the law from the best Crane tutors in the city.  The Crab and Scorpion have time to visit their respective dojo in the city and mastered their second rank techniques.

Notes: To Report 6.

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