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Veles (Javelin Skirmisher) Prestige Class

12 March, 2010

In my never ending quest to make the historically well used weapons useful in games, I present a javelin-using ‘prestige’ class.  Prestige is in quotes as the barrier to entry to this class is very low.

Veles (Javelin Skirmisher)
Watch this throw.”

The velite (plural of veles) are young men, aiming to prove their bravery on the field of combat.  They are lightly armored at best and rely upon the javelin as their primary weapon.  Their role in the army is that of skirmisher and scout, keeping the enemies eyes from the army and in battle, shielding the heavy infantry from enemy skirmishers and weakening those who can not catch them.

A veles often wear a headdress made from a the head and skin of a wolf.  This makes them easy to spot and distinguish on the battlefield.  Their usual equipment is a short sword, light shield, whatever light armor they can afford and as many javelins as they can comfortably carry.

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