March Plans and February Review

28 February, 2010

Leaving behind the ill-starred day of February, we move into March toward the Equinox and Spring.  March gains its name from the Roman month Martius which is -in turn- named after Mars, the god of war, why even the name sounds martial.

So, the theme for March will be war, warfare and weapons.

Looking back over February, there were the following posts:


Through the Lens of History VIII: After Alexander – the Diadochi and the Successor States.

Thoughts on Curses.

Curses (New Spells):

Anniversary of Ashes, makes them remember, make them suffer.

Curse of the Tyrant’s Lament, woe be it to the conqueror.

Drinker’s Curse, punishment for those who imbibe to heavily.

Flies’ Friend Curse, beware the bugs who like you.

Starving Heart, a lovers curse.

Traitorous Tithe, make the greedy suffer.

Vision of Shadow and Ash, there are worse things than being blind.

Magic Items:

Hematophagic Blade, a truly bloodthirsty weapon.

Order Signet, an item to prove you belong to a magical order, and common enhancements placed upon them.

Ring of Dark Power, what price will you pay for power?

Sarpathian Shield, defense in numbers.

Talisman against Curses, be warded against evil spells.

Campaign Reports:

Legend of the Five Rings, JYTB Campaign Report 3.


Adventures Wanted Vol 1 and Adventurers Wanted Vol 2.


Free Pulp Retro-Futuristic PDF, visit the future of the past!

Wandering the Web [2], interesting things out there on the web.

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