Curse of the Tyrant’s Lament

27 February, 2010

Thought that I would wrap up the month of curses, curse-wise, with a greater, kingdom wrecking curse:

When King Sandovar II was crowned, having killed his two older brothers and forced his younger sister into a marriage with his firmest ally, his hold on power seemed unassailable.  A decade later, both of his sons were in open revolt against the king, his eight-year old nephew was the center of a rival claim to his throne and his second wife had just been executed for treason.  The dynasty did not survive long after as the internal power struggles tore both the family and the kingdom apart.

Tyrant’s Lament

This is a powerful and destructive curse, one that will ruin a bloodline and destroy a kingdom, it will unleash death, ruin and woe . . . yet vengeance will be wrought and the guilty will be punished though the innocent will suffer as well.

This curse can only be leveled against those who have seized power by bloody or treacherous means and only by one who suffered at the hands of the tyrant.  This curse is deceptively simple to cast, one just has to be willing to confront the victim with a litany of their crimes and accept the consequences and pour their soul into it, hollowing the caster out.  It can also be cast as a death curse, empowering it with the last of the caster’s  life force before they die, which dooms the caster to walk the earth as a restless spirit, a mute witness to the forces they have set in motion.

The curse spreads through the bloodline of the victim, affecting everyone related to the victim either by blood, marriage or adoption.  They all become infected with the same desire for power as the victim, the willingness to kill and betray their own kin for advancement, they become obsessed with ruling it all.  The family loses the ability to fully trust each other, husbands turn on wives, brother against brother and so on.  The curse ends when only one member of the bloodline is left, but even then, it may just be lying dormant, wanting for a new chance to emerge if the bloodline grows . . .

Pathfinder Game Effects:
The Curse of the Tyrant’s Lament
School necromancy (curse) [bloodline, death, greater, vengeance]; Level curse 9
Components V, S
Casting Time 1 minute
Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target One named target and all of their bloodline
Duration permanent
Saving Throw None; Spell Resistance No

See casting notes above for use by non-spell casters.  When cast by a non-spell caster, it has an effective caster level of the curse caster’s level plus their Charisma or Wisdom modifier (whichever is higher) with a minimum of 17.  If it is cast as a death curse, it has a minimum effective caster level of 21.  Non-spell casters take 2d6 points of each Constitution and Wisdom damage and 1d3 point each of Constitution and Wisdom drain when casting this spell.

The description above describes the effects, mechanically all of the members of the bloodline gain a +2 curse bonus to all skill checks used to try and outmaneuver and betray their family members and a +1 curse bonus to damage when directly attacking a family member.

Spell-casters suffer 1d10 points of each Constitution and Wisdom damage when casting this spell.

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