L5R – JYTB Campaign Report 3

21 February, 2010

The Mystery of Shaiga

Having left behind North Pass Village, its monster problem solved, and on their way to North Wind City.  Our group of yoriki arrives at Shaiga, currently a small Scorpion outpost and staging post for the Yasuki traders.

There they are met by Soshi Tojo, Scorpion Clan magistrate, who inspects there papers and welcome them to the village with ill grace.  They make there way to the only inn, where they meet with Bayushi Fujio, who invites them for dinner and drinks once they have cleaned the dust off of themselves.  Soshi Utami manages to get a few moments of his time alone and asks him to take the Scorpion daisho back to the Bayushi family for her, he agrees.  Over dinner, he is very friendly but drinks a great deal, which the characters ignore.

A Lion samurai-ko storms in and orders a drink.  When Toku Kobo attempts to converse with her, she dismisses him and he reluctantly leaves her alone.  Fujiro meanwhile has drunk himself into a stupor and is ‘escorted’ to his room by the inn’s staff.  The other yoriki drift off to their rooms except for Kobo who is there when Yogo Katsuaki, recovering from an illness, pale and coughing, comes down from his room for tea.  Kobo gives him a piece of rice candy.

They are wakened in the middle of the night by yoriki of Soshi Tojo who bring them down to meet with the Scorpion magistrate and  Yasuki Kiichiro, chief trader of the Shaiga consortium.  It seemed that Yasuki Cho, trader and wagon master, had been killed.  As his body fell half in the Yasuki trading block and half outside, in Scorpion territory, it was decided to give the task of solving the murder to those who represent Imperial authority.

Cho was killed by an arrow.  Soshi Utami identifies the fletching as a Lion pattern.  Cho had been transporting a shipment of Kiau weaponry to the Matsu family with Matsu Sakurako acting as escort.  She was not displeased to hear of Cho death, blaming him for dragging his feet when it came to transporting the goods.

They investigate further and find that a dozen of the Kiau spears and two naginada have been replaced with inferior copies.  It turns out that Cho had a gambling habit.  They break up a smugglers cache, recovered some opium, and threatened the owner of a local gambling den.  Leading them to a group of mercenary spearmen who had only just left town.  The characters, with the Matsu, catch up with them and the Matsu starts a fight ending with the majority of the spearman killed and one captured alive for later execution.

Official report: The mercenaries stole the spears, Cho tried to stop them and was killed.

This satisfies all involved  and the characters continue on their way the next morning.  Is not justice in Rokugan a wondrous thing to behold?

Notes: To the more light hearted Report 4.

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