February Plans and What was Written in January

31 January, 2010

The month of February gets its name from Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa performed at this time of year.  The Romans also considered it an ill-fortuned month which is why it is shorter than the others.  So the theme here for February will be curses, cursed items, ill-fortune and, maybe, counter measures against such.

As usual, if there is something along this theme you would like to see let me know by posting here or in the Sea of Stars forum.

The posts in January were:


Through the Lens of History VII: To the End of the World and Beyond – Alexander the Great Conclusion.

Flying Mounts and other Magical Beasts for Travel, travel quickly.

Magical Travel in the Sea of Stars, limits and possibilities of mystical travel.

Sailors of the Sea of Stars, about those brave souls who travel between the islands of the Sea of Stars.

The Seven Gate Cities, the quickest way to travel.

Star Ships and Sky Ships, travel between the islands and through the air.

Trade in the Sea of Stars, profits and business under the draconic eye.

Travel in the Sea of Stars, how you get from here to there.

Worlds Beyond the Sea of Stars, the planar cosmology of the Sea of Stars.

New Magic Items:

Pouch of Perfect Stones, always have a good throwing (or sling) stone to hand.

Safety Belt, for those worried about falling overboard from a sky or star-ship.

Soldier’s Sandals, keep marching.

Traveler’s Cloak, an item to keep you warm and dry in your travels.

Campaign Reports:

Legend of the Five Rings, Back in the Empire Again, JYTB list of characters, Campaign Report 1 and Campaign Report 2.


Genius Guide to: the Archon.

Genius Guide to: the Shadow Assassin.


Why Open Design and DiTerlizzi are cool.

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