Sailors of the Sea of Stars

25 January, 2010

Sailors of the Sea of Stars

As brave as a sailor.” -a complement in the Sea of Stars
Mad as a sailor.” -an insult in the Sea of Stars

Being a sailor has never been the safest of professions but in the Sea of Stars, those souls who brave life on the star ships and sky ships have an even riskier path than their sea-bound brethren.  For while one may be rescued after a fall into the water, falling off a sky ship or star ship is almost inevitably fatal, these risks are known by all who travel.

The sailors who travel the space between the stars generally consider themselves part of an extended, and rivalry filled, family.  They have their own language, Sailor’s Argot, a bastardized form of the Imperial Tongue filled with loan words from across the entire Empire.  The bond between sailors is strong, they face the same dangers and see things that are denied to most, though there are many frictions and petty competitions exist between sailors of differing nationalities, companies, even ships and there is continuing rivalry between who crew star ships and those who man sky ships.

Star ship crews are recruited from various sources often from water sailors.  Sky ship crews usually are trained in an academy to prepare them for the dangers of sailing the high sky.  Families, both men and women, often build a tradition of service aboard ships.
For those wishing to travel on a star ship can often trade work aboard ship for part of their passage or even a full ride if they are experienced as sailors.  Though part time crew will be subject to light and, usually, friendly hazing.  Sky ships being more in demand, and more hazardous, rarely make the same offer unless the ship has lost a considerable amount of the crew.

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