Magical Travel in the Sea of Stars

11 January, 2010

Continuing the general discussion of ways to get around in the Sea of Stars:

Magical Travel in the Sea of Stars

There are many ways to travel between the islands, star ships and sky ships being the most common, but among those with access to magic there are other options:

Magical Flight, magic granting the ability to fly either to a person or item (brooms and carpets being popular in this past) is useful for short jaunts.  But traveling long distances is of greater risk if the magic fails for some reason.  Shapeshifting into a flying creature has similar limitations.  While there are rumors of places in the sky where magic just stops working causing magical flyers to plummet to their untimely deaths, they seem to be just that, rumors.  The threat of aerial predators, however, is not.  Many magical creatures prowl the skies and most would consider a lone human a tasty snack, so the lone flyer must be on her guard for such dangers.

Shadowwalking, at right angles to the reality of the Sea of Stars are the Shadow Lands, the outer Shadow Lands are a twilight image of the world an instant before the Sundering.  While travel in this frozen, mirror land is rapid and, usually, free of danger transiting back into the normal world is dangerous as stepping out into a space where there once was something but now is part of the space between islands is dangerous at best.  Those who use this technique for rapid travel recommend moving between highly visible landmarks that have not changed from the Sundering.

Teleportation, the Sundering tore the metaphysical reality that underlies the physical reality of the Sea of Stars.  Among the many ripples this has had, it has made teleportation, except to somewhere that the transporter can physically see, dangerously unreliable.  The previously successful ways of solving such instability -fixed gates, teleportation circles and such- seem to reduce such risks but not sufficiently to make it a common form of transportation.  Despite considerable research, only the teleportation gates of the Seven Gate Cities provide a safe and stable means of this form of transit.

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