Star Ships and Sky Ships

6 January, 2010

A work in progress on the transport systems in the Sea of Stars:

Star Ships and Sky Ships

The Sea of Stars is fragmented into a multitude of islands ranging is size from mere specks, only large enough for a house or tree to fit upon, to vast continent-sized islands.  Between the islands is the space between the stars that tumbles down into the star-filled infinity below.  Naturally, this makes travel difficult.

Initially after the Sundering, travel between the islands was limited to flying and those brave enough to be able to bridges between nearby islands.  Flying was a risky choice unless one had strong wings or strong magic as falling between the islands was a one way journey to nowhere.  Those few lands where flying beasts were common embarked on projects to tame and breed such useful creatures, though such efforts have met with limited success over the centuries.  Bridges required considerable technical skill and bravery and are only practical when islands are close, but such limits have not prevented several nations from becoming highly proficient in constructing such physical links.

It was fortunate that within a few years after the Sundering it was discovered that certain woods would ‘float’ in the space between islands as if it was water, for these ships, the ether between the stars was traversable as though it was an ocean complete with currents, tides and eddies.  Brave sailors quickly began exploring the new trade routes between the islands.  Many were lost to accidents and other dangers but slowly trade and travel was restored.  The sails of star ships plying their trade between the islands has become a common sight.

The desire for greater speed, among other concerns, spurred to development of the sky ships, often called the noble ships of the air, flying ships that can travel as fast as the winds can carry them.  Knowledge of the star ship quickly lead to experimentation with other magical woods and soon enough the elves, and then others, found woods and the rare other materials that took to flying enchantments well and quickly.  But as sky ship must be enchanted and enspelled as well as built, they remain much rarer (and more expensive) than star ships.


  1. This sounds like a pretty cool setting 🙂

    • That is my hope. If you have any questions or if there is anything you would like to know more about, let me know.

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