New Magic Item – Pride’s Purse

11 December, 2009

It turns out that keeping your pride can be very expensive as the latest Sin’s Gift shows:

Pride’s Purse

This purse is made of durable, but supple, leather decorated with intricate patterns in gold leaf and strong silk cords.  Once it is claimed by someone, the gold patterns change into the new owner’s mark or seal.

It most basic ability is its ability to store up to a cubic foot (.03 cubic meters) or ten pounds (4.5 kg) of coins and other valuables.  As long as the owner has the purse on him and it has at least 100 gold worth of coins and valuables in it, he is filled with confidence gaining a +1 moral bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidation checks as well as saves against Fear.

At any time, as a free action, the owner of Pride’s Purse may reroll a failed roll, taking the better of the two rolls.  The restrictions on using this power being:

•    The owner must be observed, others must be able to see his failure (if he indeed fails).
•    Each time it is used, 1,000 gold in value from items in the purse is consumed.  It does not vanish, instead it is debased.  Gold coins become silver, gems acquire flaws and drop in grade, jewelry becomes costume jewelry and so on.

The next minute after using the reroll to turn a failure into success, the owner is so flushed with victory that all of the usual bonus provided increases to +3 and the owner gains a +1 moral bonus on all skill checks, saves and attack rolls.

The owner is filled with a desire always to be seen at their best, in all circumstances and at all times.  If the character is ever publically humiliated, he loses the usual bonuses and suffers a -2 moral penalty to all skill rolls until he redeems himself.  These desires (and potential penalties) stay even if the Purse is lost unless the character can manage to live a totally humble and unremarkable lifestyle for a year and a day.

Aura strong enchantment; CL 13th
Slot belt; Price 15,000; Weight ½ lb
Requirements Create Wondrous Items, Alter Self, Limited Wish, Secret Chest; Cost 7,500 (+600 xp for D&D)

Notes: Another difficult item to price out but if you are willing to buy your way out of trouble, Pride’s Purse is happy to accept your fees.

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