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New Magic Item – Avarice’s Armor

7 December, 2009

The next of the Sin’s Gifts items:

I had mistaken him for a wandering begger at first, the tattered layers of cloaks, the well worn boots.  But when he tossed back the cloaks, he was wearing the most magnificent suit of armor I had ever seen, decorated in design in gold, gems and enamel work over every part of it.  Yes the hilts to his weapon were worn and unadorned and his eyes had a haunted quality as he looked around the common room.

Avarice’s Armor

This suit of beautifully made full plate appears unfinished, there are patterned etched into the fine steel, with setting and places for inlays, which simply are not there.  It is usually found dusty and abandoned but in perfectly serviceable condition.  Once cleaned and oiled, it will be found to be a perfect fit (masterwork even).

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