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New Magic Item – Gluttony’s Gift

4 December, 2009

This idea struck me on my way to work this morning and it has taken sometime to work out . . .

The chief enforcer of the Black Mace Gang was a massive man.  We watched him tear through an entire large roasted fowl while waiting for his challenger to warm up.    The fight was short and brutal, the enforcer’s thick build seemed to absorb any blow thrown at him.  While his mace cracked the paving stones when it missed, there was such force behind it.  Finally the mace caught the challenger a solid blow to the chest and it was all over.  And the first thing the enforcer did?  Grabbed a loaf of bread and consumed it, even though his hands were flecked with blood.  A terrible and dangerous man.

Gluttony’s Gift

These items appear as a simple clasp or buckle inscribed with the motto “Eat Well.”  The clasp or buckle when attached to an item of clothing, cloak, belt, or such, will insure that item always fit the wearer properly and, additionally, it is never stained by spilled or dropped food and drink.

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