New Magic Item – Wasp Winged Crossbow

28 November, 2009

When the lead force of the Kantic Horde finally overran the position held by the Wasp Guard, after surviving a constant rain of lightning charged bolts that fell like hail, they found the detachment was only twelve men and none of them had a single sword blow on them . . . they had all died of exhaustion.

Wasp Winged Crossbow

These light crossbows are very compact with complex, but short, arms to the crossbow.  The weapon is made of black metal and wood with gilded fitting.  As it is loaded and fired it begins to buzz, the buzzing become louder and angrier the longer it is used in combat

The Wasp Winged Crossbow is a +1 light crossbow that only imposes a -1 attack penalty if fired one-handed.  After the first round of combat, the crossbow’s buzzing enhances the user’s bloodlust providing a +2 circumstance bonus against fear effects but also makes the user reluctant to leave combat or any enemy alive.  The Wasp Winged Crossbow can also draw upon the user’s life energy to power a variety of effects:

•    For 1 point of damage, reloading the next bolt is a free action.
•    For 1 point of damage, the crossbow gains the shock ability for the next shot this round.
•    For 2 points of damage, the crossbow gains the shocking burst ability for the next shot this round (cannot be stacked with shock).
•    For 5 points of damage, gain an additional attack with the crossbow at your highest attack bonus (only once per round).  Each time after the first this ability is used in a single combat, the wielder must make a Fortitude save (DC 14) or become fatigued after the shot.

moderate transmutation; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 13,300; Weight 3.5 lbs
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cat’s grace, lightning bolt, vampiric touch; Cost 6,650 (+526 xp for D&D)

Notes: This is a difficult weapon to balance the cost on, after all it is a +1 shocking burst light crossbow of speed except for the whole consumes your life force to use the special abilities part.


  1. Cool weapon. I wonder if it could have any organic characteristics? In my world there are no synthetic weapons, they are all alive.

    Check out the website — ..

    • All of the insectish item are -by implication- quasi-living things.

      It seems that living weapon would be problematic.

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