Review – Sisters of Rapture

22 November, 2009

Sisters of Rapture is a 76-page PDF (71 pages if you remove the covers/OGL page) for the OGL Fantasy written by T. Catt and published by Fantastic Gallery.  This product is for mature audiences -with a ‘Not for Sale to Persons under the age of 18′ on the cover- due to its focus on matters involving sex and the erotic art (much of it also by T. Catt) used as illustrations.

The layout is 2-column on a nice watermark that does not distract and there is considerable full-color artwork much of it showing considerable bare skin of artistically drawn women, so you are warned.  Fortunately, there is also a printer friendly version (51 pages) without art or watermark.

Following a short introduction it moves directly into the Sister of Rapture class, a full 20-level base class.  Combining focused spontaneous divine spell casting, mid-range combat ability and a variety of minor love and romance-based class abilities.  Differing ability paths are available based on their patron goddess allowing for greater diversity of character types.

Four prestige classes that build on the Sister of Rapture are included: Inamorare, who seek to inspire artists and others.  Patron Mother, who guide the next generation.  Spellswinger, who mix arcane and divine magic.  Stormsister, who bring down justice on those who abuse women.  The prestige classes look balanced but are also even more focused than the basic Sister of Rapture on particular aspects of the class.

New skills sub skill of knowledge and perform, new feats (eight of them, one being metamagic), a new clerical domain (carnal) with a new spell for each level.  While some of the new spells suffer from ‘cute name syndrome’ they all look balanced.  Eight new magic items of a variety of power levels, including one cursed item, round out this section.  This section provides a good number of additional options to round out the Sister of Rapture class.

The next section is one of my favorites.  It discusses the relationship between the Sisters and their divine patrons.  It highlights how the different goddesses interact with the Sisters and suggestions for incorporating other goddess into the Sisters’ faith.  Following is a section on how the Sisters organize their faith.

The main section ends with a variety of monsters, creatures and enemies.  Ranging from potential allies such as the Passion Archon to various races such as half nymph and the fey Huldra and enemies such as the Congress of the Wolf, a male supremacist group, and the Succubus Queens.  An interesting selection of beings, several of which can be used in just about any campaign.

Two appendices cover: Notable characters from the Sisterhood, providing a wealth of NPCs.  And rules for the Sisters in D20 Modern.  Lastly, a multi-page colorful character sheet for the Sisters of Rapture ends the product.

As long as you know what you are buying, you should not be disappointed in this product.  It contains exactly what is promises and more.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Notes: Fantastic Gallery has now released an expanded Pathfinder compatible version of the Sisters of Rapture as well.

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