Tuesday Magic Item – Soul Guardian Amulet

17 November, 2009

The amulet blazed with silvery light and the shadowy creatures shied from it, giving the wizard the moment he needed to banish them back to the underworld.

Soul Guardian

These amulets were made to defend the very spirit against the attacks of the undead and dark necrourgic magics.  They usually appear as a silver disc, one side blank and the other inscribed with protective sigils.

By drawing on the light, the amulet provides a +2 sacred bonus to armor class and saves against undead creatures and necrourgic magic.  Whenever the character wearing the soul shield suffers an energy drain, they may choose to have the energy drain destroy the amulet rather than suffering the drain themselves.

Aura moderate abjuration [light]; CL 9th
Slot neck; Price 6,000; Weight
Requirements Create Wondrous Items, daylight, dimension anchor, remove curse, creator must be of good alignment; Cost 3,000 (+240 xp for D&D)

Notes: A useful tool for those who hunt undead but of almost no use outside of that function.  Pricing such narrow purpose items is always difficult.  In a campaign where undead are common, it would have to be more expensive to make (and much more expensive to buy).

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