Secrets of Taren Kost – Interlude 1

16 November, 2009

We only ended up with a short time to play after catching up and having a delightful meal of homemade enchiladas (with Krispy Kream donuts for dessert, how very Southern).  So, it ended up being more of a staging post between adventures:

Interlude 1: Dresses, Dances and Hawks

Having been invited to attend an informal dance at Silverlace, the Lacelore mansion in town, Elyse commissioned a new dress and Kael a new suit in complimentary colors.  Kael began researching a new spell, Conall practiced his weapon skills, and Elyse practiced her ladylike tantrums.

The night of the dance, Elyse and Kael decided to arrive fashionably late but neglected to tell Conall who arrived on time.  Conall, as a religious devotee in a city lacking a strong tradition of civic faithfulness, attracted attention, especially as he is a self-proclaimed celibate among a nobility with a hedonistic streak.  So, he was on display for an hour.  Among his ‘admirers’ was someone with a familiar voice that he took a moment to recognize out of her official costume, Laresh Ghostchaser.

Kael manages to be just obnoxious enough to be avoided but not so obnoxious as to actually get thrown out of the party.  Elyse does her best to make friends and keep Kael from trouble, even managing to get him to dance, once.  Laresh is able to lure Conall onto the dance floor, but also for only one dance.

The young Baron Dammeron invites our trio to join him for some hawking in a weeks time, which they accepted with various levels of reluctance.

New Characters referenced in the game:

Baron Rivale Dammeron, his father never returned from a trip aboard a starship and he has been thrust into the role of head of his family at a young age.  Handsome and a bit arrogant.

Jocelyn Lacelore, youngest daughter of the main Lacelore family.  It was her party, but she only talked with our heroes in passing.

Dawn Silvereyes, a journeyman wizard.   Elyse’s cousin and a casual acquaintance of Kael.

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