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Interesting Thoughts from Other Gamers (5)

14 November, 2009

Been a while since I have shared some of the fun things I have encountered as a member of the RPG Bloggers Network.

Adapting the excellent dungeon geomorphs from Dysan Logos,  Rob Lang (of the Free RPG Blog) has coded a random dungeon generator!  Try it out, it is brilliant.

Destination Unknown has been slowly rebuilding the early archives of his ‘zine, Scrollworks, which is still ongoing!  Take a look.

For interesting and amusing monster and other things for classic D&D, check out a Hamsterish Horde.  I especially liked the Heartbriar and may adapt it at some point.

Tenletter always has interesting stuff and they have been playing around with Pathfinder a lot lately.  Their writeup on Alternate Cleric class abilities (domain channeling) I find especially intriguing.

Well, that is all for now.  Have a good weekend all.

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