Laresh Ghostchaser – Aristocratic Hunter of Spirits

9 November, 2009

Decided to take a break from things and do a character for a change of pace.  One of the Ghostchasers from Taren Kost (and who showed up in my last game):

Laresh Ghostchaser, Aristocratic Hunter of Spirits

Quote: A barrier of salt will protect you; Wait here while I investigate.

Description: Still young, just eighteen, and slender with an athletic build she is easily mistaken for a boy when not wearing feminine dress.  Her long black hair is usually worn pulled back into a tight braid.  Her bright green eyes are observant.  Laresh’s skin, like many of the Ghostchaser is a coffee and cream brown.  She has a long scar along her shoulders, just above the shoulder blades (“A parting gift from an angry spirit”).

Laresh prefers loose clothes and sensible shoes, even for the highest of events, with at least one dagger concealed about her person.  When serving as a Ghostchaser, she wears the veil and loose white coat and pants of that role, with a satchel of specialized weapons and magics for use against spirits, demons and other magical beasts.

Background: Laresh was born and raised among the ways and ancestral spirits of House Ghostchaser.  A quick study and eager student, she was always picked to be one of the active Ghostchasers, those of the family that actually hunt and deal with supernatural threats.  Her older brother, Halashi, was always there to help her.

Laresh started as an active Ghostchaser at fifteen, providing support and assistance, she usually working with her brother or as part of a team.  Now she has done well enough that she is assigned to investigate, but not confront, minor threats on her own.  She is also old enough that the House is encouraging her to look for a husband, which she is doing is grudgingly.

Presenting this Character: Laresh is self-confident and cheerful, she quite enjoys her role as a Ghostchaser, the challenge and the danger both appeal to her.  Though she is careful, bad, very bad, things happen to careless Ghostchasers.  And you really only need to see one cousin reduced to a bloody slime to really, really want to make sure you do not make mistakes of your own.

Encountered away from her role as a Ghostchaser, she appears as a normal young noble woman of her age group, though perhaps not as flighty as some of her contemporaries.  She casually follows politics but is much more interested in philosophy and arcane studies.  Laresh is not above describing particularly unpleasant cases she has been involved in to drive away company she does not welcome.

What can she do?: Laresh is trained in the family arts of dealing with unkindly spirits, rogue demons and other magical threats.  She has been studying magic and monsters for as long as she can remember.  Her training focuses on practical means for identifying and controlling supernatural threats.  She knows a basic range of magical effects, a trained competency in combat skills and access to an arsenal of tools, magical and mundane, for dealing with supernatural dangers.

Laresh is better at the philosophical and magical side of her trade, though she is quite capable of defending herself.  She is also quite good at dealing with people, both when investigating and in courtly matters.  Like all of the Ghostchasers, she is very well trained in etiquette, even after generations in the city they are still viewed as outsiders by some.

Who might know her and why: Obviously, she is well known by all of her family in House Ghostchaser.  She is casually known by members of most of the other noble houses as well.

Except in the company of her House members, she is not allowed to go into the more dangerous quarters of the city, but she has many a variety of contacts among the servants of various other Houses, members of the University and various guildsmen and shopkeepers.
Anyone who has been rescued from a supernatural threat, haunt or curse by the Ghostchasers may have been help by Laresh.

Plot Hooks: You see a young noblewoman walking down the street, suddenly she is surrounded by swirling spectral forms.  What will you do?

There is a knock on the door of your room at the inn.  Answering it, there is a young man dressed in loose white clothes, his face hidden behind a veil.  He asks if you have heard any strange noises or seen anything unusual.  So, have you?

If the characters are having trouble with a supernatural foe in or around Taren Kost, the Ghostchaser make excellent cavalry to come to their rescue.

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