Tuesday Magic Item – Tentacle Face Potion

3 November, 2009

More silliness from the new campaign.  For all you merry pranksters:

Tentacle Face Potion

Usually this potion is as colorless, tasteless and scentless as the maker can manage as it is designed to be added to someone else’s drink.  Its use is a common prank among apprentices and others with a magical bent.

Once ingested, the drinker must make a Fortitude save (DC 12), if they succeed, they have a moment of nausea, nothing more.  But if they fail, their lower face appears to have become a mass of writing tentacles (imposing a -6 penalty on all Charisma-based checks).  The tentacles are only psuedo-real and do not actually impair the effected person in any serious way.  The effects last for two hours for each point the save was failed by (or for a full day on a natural “1″ on the save).  An effect that dispels magic or removes curses or illusions automatically dismisses this potion’s effect.

Faint illusion or transmutation or necrourgy [curse]; CL 3rd; Brew Potion, Animate Rope or Cause Fear or Disguise Self; Price: 50 (25 + 2xp); Weight: one fluid ounce

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