Campaign Report – Secrets of Taren Kost, Episode 2

1 November, 2009

Trying to be more prompt getting these up.

Episode Two: The Morning After

After getting a report of how things went, Elyse is sent back by her aunt to apologize.  Meanwhile Kael is planning to escape shouting orders at Conall who, unfortunately, has headed off to his morning practice.  Wearing a conspirator’s robe and hood, Kael slunk off to find Conall.  Catching up with him at the open practice ground, Kael utterly failed to convince Conall to go to Asku-Korla with him.  Conall insisted that Kael apologize to Elyse and agreed to accompany him to do so, once Kael had changed clothes and Conall had a shower.

Elyse arrived, via family coach, bedecked in lace just as Conall arrived.  Kael tried to escape though the back, but Conall turned him around and made him invite Elyse in.  Kael and Elyse, after a few tense “who will apologize first” minutes, they actually got to talking and agreed to try and get along, at least until they could find a way out of the arranged marriage.

Their discussion was interrupted by a knock at the back door answered by Conall.  It was a member of the Ghostchasers, behind her veil indicating that she was on duty, on a routine investigation.  She explained that there had been reports of spirit activity in the area and that she was checking for information.  Kael answered that there was nothing unusual that he had heard and let her go into the basement.

Kael and Elyse kept talking while fielding an occasional question echoing up from the basement (“Do you have any chickens?  Did you know the ward on your sewer grate is broken?”).  Our heroes decide to go down and help out, Elyse borrowing clothes and a sword from Kael to his discomfort.

They venture into the sewers.  Casting around, they find the severed tail of a rat, and move in that direction.  Spotting movement down a side tunnel, they follow.  Then, leaping out of one of the inflow pipes is a chimeric creature.  About the size of a large dog with the legs of a chicken, a lizard’s tail, a human torso with a vicious head and two more heads, instead of arms, at each shoulder.  Conall was savaged by a claw blow and then by multiple bites.  It is quick and vicious but outnumbered.  It is dispatched before it can inflict much more damage.

They drag the body by to Kael’s shop, where the Ghostchasers retrieve it.  Elyse changes back into her lace-covered dress and is returned home with Kael and Conall escorting.  Kael tries to make himself look bad, telling of his cowardice in the face of the chimeric thing, but Aunt Imma gets a closer version of the truth (the trip into the sewer was omitted) out of Conall.

The session ends with our three heroes being invited to a dance at House Lacelore in three days time.

New Characters referenced in the game:

Laresh Ghostchaser, young member of the Ghostchasers.



  1. ONE die roll?! *Shudders* You know I like 20 or 30 per ROUND. ;p

    It all sounds very entertaining, however. I admire your NPCs and setting. Although it seems very hack and slashy. Clearly you have a bunch of munchkin powergamers there. 😉

  2. Ah, the conspirator’s robe and hood….so important to have one for every occasion (no white after Labor Day and all that).

    I’m also glad to see that the embargo on die rolling has been lifted.

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